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Consumption on sectors of the industry of alloys of nickel also variously. Metal is in the greatest demand in the industry occupied with production of consumer goods, engineering, construction (for more details see the schedule

The greatest decrease in demand was observed in sectors of automotive engineering and telecommunications that is caused by a sluggish environment of the consumer market. The sector of production of designs, on the contrary, stayed on rise, as well as production of space equipment. However on the consumed tonnage these sectors were not capable to render as or essential support for the general negative tendencies in the market and thereof the market all the same gave.

Demand for aluminum all first half of the year was in Europe at rather high level. However after July many producers began to state fears concerning further development of a situation and suggested about possible difficulties with sale in the next months. So Pechiney reported about deterioration of position in the market of the pressed products in Germany, and, after that, in France. Norsk Hydro noted delay in demand in Italy and Spain. The market of hire, however, still at height, but change of a situation is predicted and here.

Among variety of the industry of non-ferrous metals the aluminum industry the largest, as on production volumes, number of the people involved in production, and on unconditional importance for world economy.

More than 80% of the extracted metal are used by production of various alloys: alloyed and high-strength became, alloys of tsvtny metals, etc. From this weight about 60% it is the share of steel production owing to what the market of nickel is significantly focused on market condition of ferrous metals as on the main consumer (the schedule.

Nickel is one metals, on outputs and which consumption judge a country level of development. Treating group of heavy non-ferrous metals nickel is used in various branches of the industry, beginning with production of the alloyed steel and finishing with hi-tech medicine and electrical equipment.

Nonferrous metallurgy is the branch of the heavy industry which is engaged in production, enrichment and processing of ore of non-ferrous metals. Generally nonferrous metallurgy focuses the attention on the following types of the industry: copper, nickel and aluminum.

Separately in branch costs the enterprises created round one more Ural proizvodlitel - Kyshtymsky medeelektrolitny plant. The enterprises actively cooperate about Karabash copper-smelting plant, the Southern Ural mining company and some other more small-scale productions.

As it is known aluminum production includes initial operations on alumina production, production of bauxites and electrolysis production of primary aluminum. Thus, technologically the enterprises can be divided into three groups: the enterprises for alumina production, the manufacturing enterprises of primary aluminum processing the enterprises.

Thus, the primary consuming branches of these metal are the economy sectors connected with a social production: construction, automotive industry, production of consumer goods, etc.