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Another matter - air streams of moderate force. They from all natural factors are considered as the most gentle, safe, all available procedures. Air, according to scientists, the most universal remedy of a hardening, physicians recommend to begin a systematic hardening of an organism With air bathtubs. Do not shelve this simple, but at the same time exclusively useful undertaking.

Water procedures have one more feature. They, as a rule, render on the person and mechanical influence. Water has stronger effect in comparison with air and at the expense of the mineral salts dissolved in it, gases and liquids. By the way, for the purpose of strengthening of an irritant action of water sometimes to whose add 2-3 tablespoons of table salt or 3-4 spoons of vinegar.

The similar deviations caused by systematic overcooling are not casual. The nervous system of the person comes to so-called Holodova's condition of fatigue. And the mechanism of thermal control at excess of admissible norms of stay in ice water can undergo serious breakages. Therefore, winter swimming, as well as any potent agent, demands an exact and strict dosage.

Impact of cold air on a big surface of a body causes a certain reaction in an organism. At the first moment owing to big return of heat there is a feeling of cold, then blood vessels of skin extend, inflow of blood to skin increases and the feeling of cold is replaced by feeling of pleasant warmth.

After a long hardening cold water those who has excellent health, can recommend to use such form of a hardening as grinding by snow. At the beginning this procedure is carried out indoors. Only the top half of a trunk is pounded. The movements are made quickly, vigorously. All procedure proceeds no more than 2 min. Further, in process of development of hardness and at good health, it is possible to venture to take the open air. At the low air temperature, a biting gusty wind grinding by snow on air is inexpedient.

Water - the liquid which does not have a smell, color and taste. The chemical formula - H2 At zero degrees turns into ice, at 100 °C - into steam. Such is the characteristic of water, one of the most widespread substances in the nature. The hydrosphere borrows nearly 3/4, Earth surfaces.

As we see, improvement of the atmosphere surrounding us - one of the most important problems of modern town planning and municipal services. It is important to fans of a hardening to know about it to select for the air procedures suitable places - such where it is possible without fear and doubt a full breast to inhale a drink of clean air.

Prompt growth of a water consumption and the increased requirements to it press uncompromising struggle with pollution and exhaustion of reservoirs. Such measures are important and necessary also because without water existence of live organisms, including person is impossible. About 65% of a human body are made by water. And still it is possible to add: water - the satellite of health!

Each of us knows about it all seems: water - an obligatory component practically all technological processes both in industrial, and in agricultural production; water of special purity is necessary in production of food and medicine, and also for the latest industries.

High efficiency of impact of water on an organism is explained by that its thermal capacity is 28 times higher, than an air thermal capacity. So, air at a temperature of 13 °C is perceived as cool, at the same time water of the same temperature seems cold. At one and that air temperature and waters the organism loses in water almost in 30 times more of heat. For this reason water is considered, how very strong tempering natural means.

Influence of air streams on a human body versatily. This influence and air temperatures of both its humidity, and movement speed, and existence of aerosols - any strong and liquid substances which are in a condition of the smallest smashing. The major factor influencing the person - air temperature.