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The elegant clothes are intended to decorate the person. It has to answer the purpose, a situation, has to promote creation of good festive mood. An elegant dress or a set, being decoration of the person, more than any other types of clothes have to correspond to specific features of appearance and character, a manner to behave, modesty or extravagance.

Folklore style is a variety of an embroidery and finishing, bright pure paints. In its arsenal – rural skirts with frills and flounces, blouses with an embroidery, vests and knitted sweaters, sheepskin short fur coats and boots, multi-colored scarfs and long scarfs.

The concept "elegance" means also relevance of use of clothes in concrete circumstances, its compliances to occupations of the person, to an event, a situation and etc. The woman in a dress with a decollete and a brilliant embroidery at work makes impression of the aspiring will be allocated, to attract attention. To the contrary, the casual clothes in a festive situation speak about neglect of her owner to mood of people around. Therefore before choosing a style, it is necessary to know purpose of a dress. Respectively also fabric is selected.

Creation of beautiful and convenient clothes is called modeling. Both the builder builds the building, and fashion designers from separate elements build product model. Getting to this interesting, but difficult work first of all we have to think of for what purpose, situations we develop this model, i.e. We solve for ourselves its appointment.

"Vanguard" - pointedness of forms, unexpected asymmetric details and lines of breed, brightness, even sharpness of color combinations. Certainly, only young people can afford it, whose character and appearance do not argue with features of this style. Sometimes help to keep the value of an image not less extravagant a hairdress and a make-up.

In each new trend it is necessary to look for that close and suits only you, ruthlessly rejecting all the rest, even if very attractive by sight. The fashion does not dictate, it only offers and prompts how to emphasize the identity.

The ensemble – the word of the French origin, means close interrelation, a. The ensemble of suits thanks to a strict of its elements and close interrelation with the subject environment, an interior, possesses property to reflect an image of the person during a certain era. The ensemble reflects in clothes not only fashion, but also style of cultural development of society during this period, its esthetic requirements, an economy level of development.

Headdresses actively influence expressiveness of an image of the person. Accurate vertical and horizontal lines of a hat like the cylinder give to appearance severity, smartness; the lifted fields at a hat do it the owner younger, the fields lowered to a bottom make impression of mystery, poetry etc.

The form of a suit is created by the constructive decision and interface of separate volumes and elements. Lines on which there is this interface, call constructive. Treat them: connecting seams, reliefs, tucks, undercuts, etc. If these lines are decoratively issued (a cord, an embroidery, a band, etc.), them call constructive and decorative.

In clothes of sports character the fastener has important value. It provides comfort and at the same time decorates a product. Along with buttons buttons, lightnings, a fastener with hinged loops from skin etc. are used.