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Nevertheless, among large multinational corporations are available now and natives of the developing countries of Asia and Latin America. The list of such multinational corporations head "Deu" (Republic of Korea), "Hutchison Uampa" from Hong Kong and "Semeks" from Mexico.

In development the world market sensitively allocated two components: market of basic goods and market of finished products. Modern scientific and technical revolution stratified the market of final goods on three accurately next levels: the lowest, average, the highest. As criterion for their allocation the level of technological effectiveness of production served.

Interdependence can result in the economic dependence representing such relationships of cause and effect at which external factors have considerable impact on development of this or that situation. Dependence arises when for the solution of any problem it is required corresponding changes in the form of the adaptation.

Thus interdependence does not remove the intercountry relations. They are shown in the relations between regional groups of the countries, for example, of Asian, European and American regions and in the relations between industrialized countries and developing. The last consider, sometimes not without justification that they in interaction with the developed countries remain object of operation and beating of excess profits.

In this market the technology turns into goods. The commodity form of technology assumes its entry into the market in the form of the patent, a know-how, a know-how, separate samples of the equipment. These types of goods can separately be on sale, but purchase of a package of innovations gives the greatest effect. So upon purchase of the new equipment also the package of accompanying documentation, special tools and adaptations are at the same time bought. The firm supplier installs the new equipment, carries out its installation, start-up, transfers the know-how, guarantees repair during certain time.

Can serve as the indicators characterizing country involvement degree into world economic communications, its role in the world economy such as an export quota – the export cost relation to the cost of the gross domestic product (GDP), export volume per capita, structure of export and import, volume of an external debt in relation to GDP, the volume of foreign investments, etc. On their basis it is possible to judge not only degree of "openness" of economy, but also the level of economic development of the country.

One more feature of development of the modern world market – formation of large regional trade blocks, of course, in such groups develop not only trade relations, but they remained prevailing and initial for these associations. Such largest blocks nine:

Interdependence of the countries of the center and the periphery increases in modern conditions. On the one hand, the developed countries are interested in preservation of sources of cheap raw materials and fuel for the development. The peripheral countries act as also extensive perspective market in which it is possible to market all goods including obsolete for the markets of the center. And, besides, for the central countries it is favorable capital investment spheres. They try to keep these positions as far as possible.

The adaptation is meant as ability of the state to influence the negative situation caused by external factors so that or to eliminate the external reason, either to liquidate consequences, or to shift adaptation costs for other countries. Possibilities of the adaptation have accurately limited limits. It is possible to distinguish the following from measures for the adaptation:

Supporters of the principles of free trade consider that those purposes which are set as itself by protectionism, manage to the countries too expensive, and due to development of free trade the same problems can be solved with smaller expenses.

The mixed economic system combines advantages of the market with use of administrative and hierarchical coordination of economic activity. A peculiar feature of this kind of economy – restriction of economic functions of the state. Its economic activity is limited to granting the benefits or production which cannot be carried out on the basis of the competition.